More electric and hybrid buses – the new Swiss myclimate carbon offset project

A new FOEN-certified carbon offset programme has been running since January under the aegis of myclimate, which promotes the use of alternative drive technologies for buses on Swiss roads. Replacing conventional diesel buses with electric and hybrid buses will cut down on fossil fuels and thus avoid CO₂ emissions.

The number of electric and hybrid buses on Swiss roads remains insignificant. Conventional diesel buses are still the first choice for new acquisitions. Electric and hybrid buses are not yet regarded as viable alternatives, as their spread has so far been hampered by high capital outlays and a lack of experience.

This is where the new carbon offset programme comes into play. As a FOEN-certified programme, reduction certificates issued by the FOEN can be acquired for resulting reductions in CO₂ emissions. The proceeds from the sale of the certificates enable bus operators to plan their capital outlays more profitably in the medium term. The programme is open to both public transport operators as well as private bus companies throughout Switzerland.

Since the beginning of the year, bus operator Eurobus and the Regionale Verkehrsbetriebe Baden-Wettingen (RVBW) have become the first participants to employ several hybrid buses in Switzerland. As pioneers, they are gathering vital experience.

All bus operators are still able to participate in the programme. Further information on the programme will be passed on directly by myclimate.

Stay informed!