More than 350 climate pioneers in energieregionGOMS

"Capture" - a word we are more apt to see in a military context. But when every student in an entire region takes part in one of our projects – in this case, "Climate Pioneers" – the term actually fits fairly well.

We're crossing the 8,000 line in Valais. If you think this is a feat of mountain climbing or a serious geographical error, you've got it wrong. The <link - external-link-new-window>Climate Pioneers</link> joint initiative by <link - external-link-new-window>Swisscom</link>, <link - external-link-new-window>Solar Impulse</link> and myclimate has raised awareness of climate protection among nearly 8,000 Swiss students there. Thanks to support from the group<link - external-link-new-window> unternehmenGOMS</link> and cooperation from local school officials, climate protection is now a school subject for more than 350 students in Goms (Upper Valais).

Just in time for the end of the school holidays, the myclimate Climate Education team climbed into a train to give 25 age-appropriate lessons, each two hours long, on the topic of climate protection. School classes from across Goms will now work with their teachers to develop and implement climate protection projects. The students will then present their projects to parents, the media and their classmates in a joint climate festival in Fiesch on Friday, 13 September.

The reward awaiting them is an invitation to the general climate festival of the Climate Pioneers at Kursaal Bern on 19 November. That is where the young Climate Pioneers will meet a major role model: Once again this year, Bertrand Piccard insists on recognising every class for its commitment and inspiring them with his experiences.

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