Movie of the myclimate carbon offset project in Peru

In the context of the program "GLOBAL IDEAS" the broadcast station Deutsche Welle TV has made a reportage of a climate protection project, which is supported by myclimate. The project primarily aims to improve the living conditions of the local population. To do so, the project introduces efficient cook stoves with chimneys, which are made using local materials:

After a deep study of proper technologies for local population the introduction and promotion of efficient cookers with chimneys through the program turns as the best alternative for both environmental and social development. In addition to a positive contribution to the sustainable development onsite, this project also contributes to the alleviation of environmental degradation: The use of efficient cook stoves reduces demand for unsustainably managed firewood. This leads to a reduction of CO₂ emissions and protects the local forest. Since the new stoves are equipped with a chimney, the thick smoke that is produced with traditional stoves is routed out of the house. This has an especially positive effect on the respiratory health of women and children. In order to guarantee the long-term success of the project, sensitization and training are an important and integral component of the project.

Only through the support of myclimate can the project be realized in this size. In the next seven years, up to 175,000 tonnes of CO₂ will be reduced. Recorded are these facts now in the film "Cooking and saving the climate - efficient wood-burning stoves in Peru".

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