myclimate and BEPI partner to fight CO₂ Emissions in Supply Chains

The Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI), a business-driven initiative supporting supply chain environmental performance improvements globally and myclimate have announced a new partnership. The partnership is aimed to further support BEPI’s participating companies in their efforts to measure and mitigate carbon emissions in their supply chain.

“Smart supply chain management is undisputedly a key success factor for businesses. It can become also a powerful amplifier for global climate protection efforts. myclimate has a long track record in consulting, creation of tools for measurement and analysis and capacity building. Partnering with BEPI connects us with leaders of today and tomorrow giving us the opportunity to support them and leverage their impact on climate protection. We are curious to explore together existing, “low-hanging fruits” as well as future opportunities with huge impact for climate and economy”, said René Estermann, CEO myclimate.

This collaboration is built on a common understanding of the importance of addressing climate change in global supply chains and the essential role of businesses in this endeavour. Both organisations identified several areas to be covered by their partnership.

Areas of Partnership 

myclimate will support the development of a specific Carbon Calculator which will be integrated in the BEPI platform to enable companies participating in BEPI to measure in an effective and easy way the carbon emissions of their supply chain. Also, both initiatives will develop joint capacity building activities for BEPI participants and producers to raise awareness around climate change and CO₂ management.

myclimate will help to offset the carbon footprint of the Unleash Opportunity conference, the annual trade and sustainability event hosted on 15 June in Brussels by BEPI’s founding organisation, the Foreign Trade Association, FTA. Both organisations will support each other in the important goal of promoting climate protection and environmental improvement. 

About BEPI 

BEPI is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association, FTA enabling companies to manage and improve the environmental performance of their global supply chain through a supported and tailored management system approach. BEPI uses industry best practices alongside practical technical expertise to support companies in developing supply chain visibility and meet the increasing environmental regulatory and stakeholder requirements. The basis of the BEPI Framework is built on the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) and it is also aligned with leading environmental standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

“By capitalising on the expertise and common objectives of both initiatives, this collaboration will empower BEPI companies to efficiently manage and address scope 3 emissions, which are by far the largest component of a business’ carbon footprint, and therefore one of the biggest challenges. Pressure on businesses to contribute to achieving global commitments such as the Paris Agreement is high and this partnership will provide companies with the appropriate tools to lead change”, stated Darrell Doren, FTA Senior Director Sustainability.  

As part of this partnership, myclimate Foundation will also become a BEPI recognised carbon & climate change consultant and both initiatives will keep exploring further opportunities to continue this collaboration in the future.

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