myclimate and the International Floorball Federation join forces

Sustainability has become a topic that any individual, enterprise or sport cannot overlook these days. It has been a part of International Floorball Federations (IFF) work in the past but starting from 2019 it has been included as an integral part of its activities. myclimate has agreed to help the IFF become a leading sports federation to drive the change.

Photo: Fabian Trees / IFF

Recent news of the alarming status of climate change has moved this as a high priority of the federation. The partnership negotiations with myclimate coincided with the ongoing IFF strategy work (link). As first sign of its commitment the IFF signed the UN Sports for Climate Action charter in December 2019.

myclimate and the IFF have negotiated a partnership to have experts and best know-how to put sustainability into action. In the first stage the major floorball events will be evaluated about what can be done to minimise the harmful effects to the environment. Further, there is the possibility to mitigate the part of CO2-emissions that cannot be avoided through climate protection projects orchestrated by myclimate. The Organising Committee of the World Floorball Championships 2022 in Switzerland has also already initiated discussions with myclimate. With the assistance of myclimate the IFF will also publish a Sustainability Manual for its event organisers to facilitate their planning efforts.

To carry out its work to promote, foster and grow the sport of floorball the IFF staff also must travel. As these emissions cannot fully be avoided the target is to compensate these through carbon offset projects.


Pioneer work

“In our minds, the IFF is one of the pioneers in its field as it is the first global sports federation that we will be partnering with since we started in 2007. Sport has a unique position as a role model and changemaker in the society, so we are excited to see this power in action and the ensuing results”, Kai Landwehr, Head of Marketing at myclimate describes the new relationship.

 “I’m thrilled to start working together. I’m looking forward to creating measurable solutions for us and our partners with the help of myclimate”, says Sales Coordinator, Tero Kalsta from the IFF.

“The IFF cannot overlook its responsibility towards the environment and its community. This also presents solid building blocks for the ongoing planning of the future strategy of the IFF”, John Liljelund, Secretary General at the IFF explains.

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