myclimate branded coffee cream now on sale at MIGROS

In honour of this anniversary year, myclimate is spreading the word by placing images of four different myclimate carbon offset projects and the company’s logo onto pots of ELSA coffee cream.

To mark its jubilee year, myclimate has chosen an unexpected marketing channel: coffee cream lids. Thanks to the support of <link - external-link-new-window>ELSA</link>, which makes dairy product packaging, you can now buy coffee cream pots with lids showing four different myclimate climate protection projects alongside the myclimate logo.

The images show our biogas plant project in India, solar lamps in rural Ethiopia, wind energy in Turkey and solar cookers in Madagascar. The little pots of cream will be on sale at Migros during the next few weeks. Why not sweeten your morning coffee with myclimate coffee cream?

Stay informed!