myclimate Celebrates Partnership with Swiss Printing Industry

The Swiss printing industry celebrates a 10-year anniversary in 2018. The industry has been working in partnership with myclimate since 2008. The partnership is a success story: Ultimately a lot has been achieved for climate protection and sustainability in Switzerland in cooperation with Swiss printing companies and their customers. Further measures are already being planned.

10-years anniversary: myclimate and Swiss printing industry

myclimate is planning innovative additions to its existing range for the anniversary year. For example, the printing industry will be given the opportunity to offset in a new Swiss climate protection project. "Printed in Switzerland" will be supplemented by "Compensated in Switzerland". These and other innovations will be presented to the existing partners and interested companies over the course of the year by myclimate and viscom.

An impact on the market

Through the partnership with viscom, myclimate has been able to make an impact on the market for "climate-neutral printed materials" in terms of quality, right from the start. Efficiency advice, training measures and climate neutrality with high-quality, credible climate protection projects have resulted in a high demand. Even today, after ten years, climate-neutral printed materials and companies that are leading in terms of sustainability are important guarantors of success for climate protection in Switzerland.

Over 160,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions have been offset in the programme since 2008, which equates to around a million car journeys from Switzerland to the Mediterranean. With its commitment, the Swiss printing industry has also contributed to the creation of thousands of jobs, which has improved the health situation and also the education opportunities for tens of thousands of families.

At the same time however, Swiss companies have also introduced many internal measures in order to reduce their own CO₂ footprint, providing an impressive example of successful climate protection locally.

More about climate-neutral printed materials

You can find out more about the partnership between viscom and myclimate in the viscom Magazine, published in March, or slightly later in the next myclimate newsletter.

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