myclimate confronts influencers with their travel habits

Just 1 % of the world’s population accounts for as much aviation CO2 as the remaining 99 %. And all air travel causes massive climate damage. Many influencers and celebrities put their extravagant, climate-damaging lifestyles on display with social media. We want to get people rethinking their habits with a large-scale climate protection campaign.

In cooperation with web developers from Championship Records, we have developed an intelligent bot: the myclimate Carbon Tracker. It scans flights taken by influencers, analyses location tags in social media posts and then confronts frequent fliers about each flight through their social media feeds. The campaign aims to raise awareness around climate-damaging travel habits, suggest alternatives and get people to take responsibility for their own emissions. 

“We only use data that celebrities themselves publish. When someone’s tagged in a picture drinking champagne in Las Vegas one day and then posts from Lloret de Mar the next, the myclimate Carbon Tracker springs into action. Our ‘service’ consists of an automated post on their Twitter or Instagram profile. We want to make them aware of their carbon emissions and direct them to our emissions calculator, which suggests a donation for climate protection projects,” says myclimate marketing head Daniel Aregger. 

The findings from the myclimate Carbon Tracker will flow into the first public CO2 ranking. You can see the “champions” of this league at And to find out even more, follow our bot on its social media profiles, at twitter (@mcCarbonTracker) and Instagram (@mccarbontracker). 

Stay informed!