myclimate funding programmes – replacing fossil fuels in Switzerland and saving

myclimate is a pioneer in international compensation projects. Since 2008, myclimate has also offered opportunities to support climate protection in Switzerland through local projects. What is still less well known is that myclimate has been supporting projects that promote energy efficiency in private households and the use of renewable energy for some time. Participating in such a project is not only sensible for the climate; participants also receive additional financial incentives.

One of five funding programmes from myclimate: remote heating control using an app for holiday home owners

As part of its climate protection funding programmes, myclimate offers both private persons and organisations discounts on efficient technologies that protect the climate and save on costs. In recent years, the foundation launched five Swiss funding programmes: 

  • Two programmes for saving hot water for property managers, hotels, homes, communities and companies
  • An electric and hybrid bus programme for bus companies
  • A remote heating control system for holiday home owners
  • And a heat pump programme for home owners 

What all these programmes have in common is that they promote replacing fossil fuel technologies with renewable, more efficient or smarter technologies. 

How does myclimate finance the funding programmes?

The Swiss CO₂ law makes it possible to have CO₂ savings certified by the federal government. For every tonne of CO₂ saved, a so-called certificate is issued. Together with its programme partners, myclimate finances the programmes with the sales proceeds from these certificates. However, the savings must not compete with existing funding programmes, and nor may they be used to fulfil existing regulatory requirements. The programmes serve to make additional climate protection possible in Switzerland and help innovative technologies make a breakthrough.

Pioneer in climate protection

Since 2007, myclimate has been developing high-quality climate protection projects and funding programmes in Switzerland, and is a pioneer with a wealth of experience in this area. The organisation develops projects for the markets of both voluntary and obligatory offsetting in Switzerland. All projects are externally audited, and they all fulfil the strict guidelines of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) whenever possible.

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