myclimate gets VR-award in the category environment and cooperations

On the 6th of February 2020, on the occasion of the VR Awards 2020, the trade magazine VerkehrsRundschau awarded the non-profit climate protection organisation myclimate and the company with the 2nd place in the category "Environment - Cooperations". A jury of renowned experts in the field of environmental protection and editors of VerkehrsRundschau made their selection from over 100 entries. More than 320 top representatives from freight forwarding, industry and shippers were present at the awards gala in the Bayerischer Hof in Munich.

The trade journal Verkehrsrundschau has awarded myclimate and together in the category environmental cooperations. Picture: VerkehrsRundschau

The internationally active LOSTnFOUND AG has developed an innovative supplement to its telematics solution with the support of myclimate. The dashboard not only provides a fleet manager with an overview of the efficiency and safety behaviour of his vehicle fleet, but now also shows the CO₂ output in tons for each vehicle. The methodology for calculating the life cycle assessment of a registered vehicle is based on a life cycle approach. This means that the calculation of a vehicle's CO₂ footprint takes into account the processes and their environmental impact on a pro rata basis from the manufacture to the disposal of a vehicle.

The system records all journeys using GPS and other consumption data and automatically calculates the emissions and the necessary CO₂ compensation amount in francs or euros. The customer can then voluntarily offset the amount of CO₂ per vehicle that is generated within 6, 12 or 24 months with a monetary amount - with just one click of the mouse. The system automatically produces an invoice and an individual myclimate offsetting certificate. In addition, vehicles are marked with a sticker so that third parties can see that a vehicle is carbon neutral through offsetting.

In 2018, VerkehrsRundschau presented the "VR Awards" for the first time on the occasion of the VR Gala in the categories of education, digitalisation and environmental protection, as well as a public prize to transport and logistics companies that have shown special achievements or implemented a particularly innovative idea in the mentioned categories.

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