myclimate one of three recommendable retailers for carbon offsetting

A recent market check-up of the German consumer organisation (Bundesverband der Verbraucherzentralen, VZBV) concluded, that only three retailers for compensation flight travels can be recommended without reservation. These are: myclimate, atmosfair and goclimate. The retailers were given the rating "fully recommended". The study analysed eight specialised offset retailers, eleven airlines and four travel agency’s internet portals. The assessment criteria included the calculation of CO₂-emissions, quality of supported climate protection projects and usability of the internet portals. Realistic calculation of CO₂-emissions and the sustainability of climate protection projects where valued as positive indicators. In particular, portfolios with Gold Standard climate protection projects, as offered by myclimate, were evaluated favourably due to the guaranteed additionality and the consideration of regional economic and social aspects.

A main criticism for the airlines is the lack of integration of compensation options in the booking process. Only TUIfly, a partner of myclimate, has completely integrated the compensation option.

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