myclimate supports the 1. Swiss Home Office Day

myclimate calculates the average reduction of the Swiss CO2 emissions for Switzerland's first Home Office Day on May 18, 2010. This day is to encourage employees, self-employed persons and companies to rethink and motivate them to work from home particularly this Tuesday. Working from home offers many benefits: home office allows employees to schedule their working hours flexibly, they save time, protect the environment through reduced commuting and thus make an important contribution to climate protection. Thus, every participant contributes to the movement towards less CO2 emissions, higher quality of life and increased productivity. Employees and companies may register on the website and thus realise their climate protection potential on May 18, 2010. As research partner, myclimate supports the first Swiss home office day together with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology, and partners with various backgrounds from industry, science and environment. René Estermann, Chief Executive Officer at myclimate: "If 450,000 Employees in Switzerland would work from home instead of their office once a week, 4.5 million car kilometres and 2.6 million kilometres with public transportation per week could be economised. Overall, the Swiss would thus save 1,400 tonnes of CO2 per week. Every year, it would even amount to 67,000 tonnes."

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