myclimate updates company and event calculators

myclimate is keen to ensure that all offsetting calculators give an accurate depiction that is as close to reality as possible, taking into account the latest technological and economical developments while doing so. This requires regular testing and updating of the foundations on which the calculations are based. Over the past few months the myclimate calculator team has carried out extensive updates on the offsetting calculators. The company and event calculators are the latest to be brought up to date.

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For smaller businesses in particular, the company calculator offers a low-threshold opportunity to determine the direct and indirect emissions generated by their business activities. myclimate strives to map company greenhouse gas emissions as fully as possible. In addition to energy consumption pertaining to buildings, commuting and business travel, as well as purchased consumable material, the current version of the calculator offers you the option of recording meals and waste volumes for your company.
One key way in which the calculator has been updated is that factors such as public transport usage and the energy mix used for district heating can be recorded more accurately by taking country-specific differences into account. Our experts have also reworked the estimation logic for many emissions factors using data previously gathered by myclimate and academic studies. Certain emissions factors have been combined or expanded to include additional input options.
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In updating the event calculator, the experts likewise upheld our commitment to map the resulting greenhouse gas emissions as fully as possible. In addition to factors such as mobility, overnight stays and meals, energy consumption, purchased material, transport of goods and materials, and waste volumes are recorded as accurately as possible. 
Alongside other new additions, it is now possible to more accurately record recycling and the sale of drinks. In addition, many estimated values have been extensively reworked and updated for the event calculator. In the updated version of the event calculator, it is now possible to record the inbound and return journeys of participants and employees.
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Take the first step and easily determine and offset the emissions generated by your business activities with the help of myclimate’s updated, user-friendly calculator.

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For larger companies looking to increase their commitment to climate protection, myclimate offers solutions for creating comprehensive corporate carbon footprints, tailored efficiency consultations, more detailed product carbon footprints, the development of optimisation opportunities and support with reports and analysis. Our experts can also carry out SBTi-compliant solutions and consultations

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