New Board Members for myclimate

The myclimate Foundation Board welcomes two new members. Kathrin Scherer and Fredi Gmür are now members of myclimate’s strategic management committee with immediate effect. At the same time, myclimate co-founder, Sabine Perch-Nielsen is ending her many years of participation as a Board member.

From left to right: The new Foundation Board members Kathrin Scherer and Fredi Gmür. Photo: myclimate

The Foundation Board represents the supreme body of the foundation. As a matter of principle, its members are volunteers. The committee is responsible for the compliance with the deed of foundation and the strategic orientation of the organisation, as well as issuing the necessary regulations for the management of the foundation. It sets the annual goals, and approves the yearly results. The myclimate Foundation Board constitutes itself, and appoints its own members. Urs Egger has been President of the myclimate Foundation Board since 2015.

The new myclimate Foundation Board members

Kathrin Scherer is bringing her experience and expertise in the field of international economic cooperation to the myclimate Foundation Board. She was a Managing Partner at Switzerland Global Enterprise for ten years. Since 2019, Scherer has been supporting Lucerne’s economy as Head of Corporate Development at the Lucerne Economic Development Agency.

The second newcomer to myclimate’s Foundation Board, Fredi Gmür, is a proven expert in sustainable development. Swiss Youth Hostels, which he managed for 23 years as CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, was one of myclimate’s very first partners. Gmür has been involved in numerous joint projects. Since 2019 he has been working as an independent consultant, and holds various different Board of Directors’ mandates, focusing on tourism and developmental promotion.

Simon Lehmann, CEO and co-founder of AJL Atelier and Executive Chairman of the Swiss E-mobility Group, Sabine Kilgus, Partner at Losinger Rechtsanwälte, and Urs Ziegler, Environmental Officer at the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (BAZL), are all continuing their involvement with the Foundation Board. Lehmann has been elected Vice President of the Foundation Board.

Co-founder Sabine Perch-Nielsen retires from the Board

After many years of service, Sabine Perch-Nielsen is retiring from the myclimate Foundation Board. Perch-Nielsen was a co-founder of myclimate back in 2002. In 2006, when the foundation changed from an association to a foundation, she became part of the governing body. She served the myclimate Foundation Board as Vice President for four years.


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