New Carbon Offset Project: Access to safe water in Uganda and globally

It is said that water is life. Contaminated water is therefore a crucial problem worldwide. For this reason, fossil fuels and wood are used to purify water by boiling it, to make it drinkable. This is exactly where our new programme in Uganda begins.

Women in Kawempe testing the new water purification unit. Clean water saves lives and makes people healthier.

The new carbon offset programme in the myclimate portfolio gives households access to clean water, and at the same time improves the living conditions and health of thousands of people in Uganda alone. Greenhouse gas emissions are saved by reducing the use of coal, wood or kerosene for boiling water on rudimentary cooking devices.

The use of wood to cook and boil water is one of the main reasons for global deforestation. Burning wood is not only harmful to the environment, but is also unhealthy. In addition, women and children spend many hours looking for wood, instead of spending their time on more productive activities. The Safe Water Global Voluntary Programme of Activities (VPoA) reduces greenhouse gases by sponsoring clean water technology for households and communities. The general health situation can also be improved, e.g., by reducing the illnesses caused by contaminated water, or reducing respiratory illnesses caused by soot created in rudimentary kitchens.

The carbon offset program will gradually distribute clean water technology around the entire world. Key elements are solar water treatment technologies as well as filter technologies which can be implemented on a household and community level. The programme is open to everyone. The goal is that the population can afford a product for the treatment of clean water, which is ideally produced by international NGOs and local organisations.

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