New economic models for our future - a series of events in Kulturpark Zürich

In 2019, myclimate has partnered with WWF Switzerland and Fastenopfer to sponsor the events series “New economic models for our future”. Five events in the first half of the year will see discussions about alternatives to the existing economic models which will enable all people to live a life with adequate resources and opportunities in the long term.

Thanks to the world’s economic development, billions of people today enjoy good health, prosperity and education. And yet today’s economic order poses immense challenges. Constant growth has caused enormous damage to the environment. Worldwide poverty continues to be an urgent problem. Even highly developed countries now face the question of how to secure their well-developed welfare systems and infrastructures for the long term.

Answers to these questions and proposals for solutions for these challenges will be presented and discussed at five evening events in 2019 in Kulturpark Zürich. These events pick up on the exact thoughts voiced in the myclimate “Awesome Future” campaign, so myclimate is supporting the series of talks as a sponsor. Other sponsors include WWF Switzerland and Fastenopfer. The events run from 6 to 10 pm and include an aperitif. Costs are 15 francs per person and event; registrations are being taken now.

The Events

The series starts on 7 March. In conversation with NZZ economic editor Thomas Fuster, economist and author Niko Paech puts the concept of “growth” to the test.
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On 21 March, three movements, which align their economic activities according to human welfare, will introduce themselves: The movement Economy for the Common Good (with Christian Felber, co-founder of the movement), the Transition Town movement (represented by Jasmin Helg, co-president of Transition Zürich) and Economie sociale et solidaire.
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The third event on 25 April creates a link to two companies of the future, who have likewise committed to place the common good before profit maximisation.
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The fourth event tackles the concept of eco-sufficiency. In the first part of the evening, author and journalist Greta Tauber will read from her books “Im Club der Zeitmillionäre” and “Apokalypse Jetzt. Wie ich mich auf eine neue Gesellschaft vorbereite.” Afterwards, the panel and attendants will debate “Less is more – living more simply”.
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An event dedicated to research and teaching will form the preliminary conclusion of the series, with an evening entitled “When will Swiss universities step up?”. On 12 June, students will demonstrate what they expect to gain from future-oriented teaching and research in economics.
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PDF-leaflet: Kulturpark Zürich New Economic Models for our Future

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