New Head of myclimate’s Climate Protection Projects Department – meet Florian Goppel

The development and implementation of climate protection projects is dynamic and complex. The interaction between states, institutions, companies and private individuals requires vision and skillful action. Since November this year, myclimate has been strengthened by the arrival of Florian Goppel. With his know-how in management and law, leadership experience and international negotiation skills, he now heads myclimate’s Climate Protection Projects Department. He is also a member of the myclimate Management Committee. Together with his growing team, he is determined to set in motion innovative and effective climate protection projects which always meet current requirements. Get to know more about him in our interview.

Photo: myclimate

Dear Florian, we are delighted that you have come to join us at myclimate. You can look back on a diverse career in various industries. What attracted you to join myclimate?

It was an easy decision for me. Climate protection concerns us all, and I can’t imagine a more critical and fulfilling challenge. It’s just great that at myclimate, I get the opportunity to bring my work in line with my core set of values.

What special skills and experience do you bring to this new role?

For my position, detailed knowledge of climate protection is perhaps less crucial because we have so much experience and expertise in the team. I will contribute expertise from other areas of traditional management. And, I would like to use my background to adapt our offering to the newly emerging and, after COP26, more concrete international framework conditions.

You are just settling in and finding your way around. What has surprised you most so far?

I knew that I would be working with a very experienced team and I had prepared myself for it, but the experience and know-how of my colleagues has nonetheless surprised and delighted me more and more every day. Our team as a whole has over 100 years of experience in climate protection at myclimate alone, and most of them also have even more relevant experience, for example in development cooperation, environmental projects of a different nature, etc. It is a “treasure trove” of experience in the truest sense of the world, and it also shows how closely connected our employees are with the values, the culture and the social contribution of the myclimate foundation.

What is your assessment of the potential of climate protection projects that can take effect through the voluntary commitment of companies and private individuals? Have we already reached a peak in this respect or will they play an even greater role in future?

Climate protection is the biggest and most important challenge of our age. There simply cannot be too many climate protection projects, so we still have a long way to go before we can talk of reaching a peak. I think that, along with the voluntary commitment of companies and private individuals, there will also be room for more action by governments in future, be that in the form of climate offset projects or even in the form of regulation, etc..

Finally we would like to ask you a few “either/or” questions:

Zurich or Bern?

Bern, the people always talk so fast in Zurich. ;-)

Bavarian sausage or Bavarian beer?

Bavarian beer

Skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing, at least since today’s skis have been taught how to carve.

Technology or sufficiency?

We could happily discuss that question all evening. Do one and and don’t neglect the other, I would say.

COP26 Glasgow or WEF Davos 2022?

Surely it’s time for us to bring more of COP26 to the WEF.

Forest or moorland?

Forest, I don’t like wet feet.

“Rage against the machine” or “Kraftwerk”?

Rage against the machine.

Fondue or raclette?

Fondue, with vegetables instead of bread.

Reduce of compensate?

Replace “or” with “and”

Organic or regional?


Set the “snooze” function or just get up?

Just get up.

Repair it yourself or call in an expert?

First repair it myself, then call in the expert. ;-)

Speed or perfection?


E-bike or normal bike?

My e-bike is broken, so currently a normal bike.

Master question: Nutella (or any other hazelnut spread) sandwich with or without butter?

Butter on a Nutella sandwich is a waste of space.

Stay informed!