Changes in the myclimate Foundation Board

The myclimate Foundation Board has kicked off 2023 with a change: Urs Ziegler is the new Chairman of the Foundation Board, Claudia Keller-Lüthi the new Vice Chair of the Foundation Board and Pascal Wieser a new member of the Foundation Board. Alongside Kathrin Scherer and Lorenz Lehmann, they form the highest body within the foundation and continually strive to advance the myclimate mission of measurable climate protection and sustainable development.

“I’m delighted to be a part of myclimate and to have the opportunity to bring my experience and knowledge to bear in helping to resolve the climate issues we face,” says Urs Ziegler, the new Chairman of the myclimate Foundation Board.  

Lawyer Claudia Keller-Lüthi adds: “I am looking forward to bringing my dedication to a sustainable future and my legal expertise to the role of Vice Chair of the myclimate Board as we strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions together.” 

In Pascal Wieser, myclimate has gained a specialist from the tourism industry as a new member of the Foundation Board. With his many years of experience and large network, he will be a big asset to the foundation. “I’m delighted that we have such an experienced and dedicated team on our Foundation Board,” says Stephen Neff, CEO of myclimate. He continues: “With the new leadership in place, we can lay the groundwork for a net-zero society and a climate-friendly future.”  

The myclimate Foundation Board  

The Foundation Board is the highest body in the foundation. Its members work on a voluntary basis. The body is responsible for ensuring compliance with the foundation charter and the strategic orientation of the organisation. The Foundation Board issues the necessary regulations for the foundation management. It sets the annual objectives and approves the annual results. The myclimate Foundation Board is self-constituting and names its own members.  

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