New Project of the Month!

On the occasion of the 10-year anniversary, myclimate presents every month one “Hydro power in Hunan, China”, this month follows the project “Composting reduces methane emissions on Bali”.

At the present time, pollution through inappropriate waste disposal is the main challenge in terms of environmental protection on Bali. The waste literally piles up on beaches, on streets and in villages. In existing landfills, waste is disposed unsorted and burned without methane capturing. Thereby, huge amounts of the greenhouse gas methane are released into the atmosphere. This waste problem is not only harmful to the climate and the local people, but has already shown negative side effects on Bali’s tourism, too.

To face this environmental challenge, myclimate initiated this climate protection project and supported the construction of a waste recovery facility, including an ecological park in Southeast Bali. The project is a classic example for sustainability: On the one hand, the waste recovery facility reduces the volume of waste to be burned by 90 per cent and at the same time generates high quality compost for local farmers; on the other hand, the facility serves as model for replication of various planned facilities, gives work to about 100 people, reduces the formation of climate-damaging methane and sharpens the environmental awareness of the local inhabitants thanks to the ecological park.

Stay informed!