One Epic Adventure – Climate Neutral Trip Through Scotland

Marc Andri Riedi (from Chur/Switzerland) and Matthew Price (Hertfordshire/UK) are already waiting in the wings to journey all the way through Scotland via the methods of cycling, paddling and hiking.

One Epic Adventure - map of the planned trip

While attempting <link - external-link>this journey</link> from Carlisle to Dunnet Head (the most northern peninsula in Great Britain), they also plan to make a detour to the Isle of Skye and attempt a traverse of the Black Cuillin Ridge and a summit of the Inaccessible Pinnacle. Great news for myclimate : Both support climate protection efforts and thus ask their supporters for giving them <link - external-link>specific challenges to raise money for myclimate projects</link>.

The idea for this trip first came about around a year ago. Marc and Matt who met in New Zealand love outdoor sports, nature and want to try to raise awareness for environmental conservation. Therefore they decided on travelling from A to B via the use of methods that would not leave a carbon footprint in order to raise money for an organisation that makes a change and that both like. « We hope to make the public realize that sometimes traveling can be more rewarding and satisfying if one choses sports over a car! », says Marc Andri Riedi.

To make their trip even more interesting, they have decided to let their supporters give them challenges which they will attempt to complete over the duration of the whole trip! These challenges can be anything that people think of and can be given to both or just one of them. From physical challenges, such as performing a handstand atop a mountain, or more ridiculous challenges like making Marc wear a skirt for a day of cycling. For any completed challenge the challengers have to make a donation to myclimate for supporting climate protection projects worldwide.

We at myclimate keep our fingers crossed and look forward to see some „epic“ challenges.

Stay informed!