Paper, heat and biomass - how industrial innovation makes everyone a winner

The myclimate carbon offset project impressively shows the combination of innovative technology with environmental thinking. Specific beneficiaries are a paper mill in Brazil, the local population, and the environment.

A pulp and paper mill in Caeiras, Sao Paulo, Brazil is being supplied with steam by a new biomass boiler instead of a boiler that runs on the usual natural gas. The mill produces 100,000 tonnes of paper articles every year.

Steam is vital for all of the pulp and paper production processes. The boiler produces thermal energy with biomass from various sources, such as waste from agriculture and forestry and associated industries, biomass from sustainably managed forests, and paper sludge from the particular production processes of the factory.

This flagship project should raise awareness in the rest of Brazil about innovative, clean, and efficient technologies. Local employment and earning opportunities are created through the construction and maintenance of such a plant, and also the collection, transport, and disposal of biomass waste, as well as the services that are required in connection with management of the biomass waste.

The great expense of the operation and maintenance of what is in principle the first boiler of this kind, in comparison with a conventional one, was absorbed by the compensation payments from myclimate, thus enabling implementation of the project.

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