Partner portrait BlaBlaCar – smart and CO₂-neutral across Germany

A partnership for climate protection and pioneering mobility of the future was announced on 15 July. BlaBlaCar - with over 30 million members the world's largest ride sharing platform for long-distance journeys - is the first major mobility provider to automatically integrate climate compensation in Germany. All journeys booked and paid online at BlaBlaCar be fully compensated with myclimate. Olivier Bremer, CEO of BlaBlaCar Germany explains why BlaBlaCar has decided to take this step.

Olivier Bremer, CEO of BlaBlaCar Germany

What is the recipe for BlaBlaCar’s success?

“Back to the Green Island with Solar Stoves”, which now benefits from the booked rides.

More information on CO₂-neutral ride sharing with BlaBlaCar

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