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The Griesser Group, based in Aadorf, channels all of its experience into the production of innovative and high-quality sun protection products. The traditional company is now among the leading European providers of superior, market-conform sun protection solutions. Where climate protection is concerned, Griesser is also one of the vanguard companies in Switzerland. Alfred Imbach, who is retiring from his position as marketing manager at Griesser on account of his age, explains why.

Alfred Imbach (on the left), leaving Griesser Marketing Manager, discussing milestones of the myclimate partnership with his designated successor Andrea Grisolia.

Herr Imbach, you concluded a partnership with myclimate in February 2008 that endures to this day. How did it come about?

Environmental protection has been an important topic at <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">Griesser</link> for a long time. Even our mission statement includes the sentence “As a leading manufacturer of high-quality sun protection systems, we offer solutions that increase comfort and energy efficiency”. And already in 2007, we followed our motto and invested in a new coil coating. The plasma system, which is the only one of its kind in the world, is used to varnish aluminium slats. This investment not only makes production four times faster, it also helps protect the environment by eliminating the use of hexavalent chromium during the cleaning process.

In 2008, the office building of Griesser’s headquarters was renovated and equipped with the latest technology and energy systems. A special night-time cooling and ventilation concept combined with state-of-the-art slat blinds guarantees high energy efficiency and constitutes an important contribution to environmental protection.

These facts and the goals of myclimate motivated us to enter into the <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">partnership with myclimate.</link>

That was almost nine years ago. What have you achieved during this time?

We increased awareness for environmental protection in all areas where we provide services, both in our product portfolio and in the services relating to the assembly of our products and their use in operations. Griesser owns a large vehicle fleet for assembly and service activities. The greatest possible energy efficiency was a selection criterion there as well. Owing to our efforts regarding energy efficiency and the environment, we also received an <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">award for SMEs</link> during this time.

Surely everybody knows about the MINERGIE standard. MINERGIE modules are selected components with MINERGIE quality. Griesser has important products that have received the MINERGIE module certificate. Additionally, Griesser is a certified ClimateHouse Partner. ClimateHouse Partners distinguish themselves through sustainable and responsible economic activities, among other things, to make the world of tomorrow more livable.

But perhaps the most important thing, as far as the partnership with myclimate is concerned, is that Griesser paid around 900,000 francs into myclimate’s climate protection fund and thus compensated approximately 22,000 tonnes of CO₂. In every sun protection product, there are valuable materials that can be recycled. The sum came from the proceeds resulting from recycling the sun protection products.

You advertise your sun protection systems as being effective energy efficiency solutions. What do your products accomplish?

Our <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">sun protection products</link> contribute either directly to high energy efficiency, or they make this contribution in combination with a sun protection control system. The energy flowing out of the house is reduced with specially developed blinds that feature a warmth-reflecting layer on the side of the slats facing the window. In another case, we collaborated with a supplier to develop special mounting solutions. They prevent thermal bridges from forming during the assembly of our sun protection products for composite heat insulation systems.

In our centre of competence for sun protection control systems, we are developing systems with exceptionally sophisticated functions. For instance, they position the slats of the slat blinds precisely so that no rays of sun can penetrate into the room, which allows for a maximum amount of daylight in the room. Thus, minimum lighting energy is required.

How do you maintain your top position in the industry?

In the past, Griesser has always managed to develop superior and innovative sun protection solutions and services to satisfy the market needs. Today, we also have a lot of ideas in the pipeline. That means Griesser will continue to offer interesting and innovative sun protection solutions and services to building contractors, architects and specialist partners in the future as well.

An additional aspect is that we maintain and improve the quality of these services. Thus, Griesser will be an important player on the European sun protection market in the future.


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