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Founded during the the dotcom boom, paysafecard has been offering an electronic prepaid payment method for digital goods on the Internet since the year 2000. The Vienna-based company is now one of the global market leaders in the area of online prepaid payment solutions. paysafecard has been supporting myclimate for years in order to offset the CO₂ emissions generated by business flights.

Udo Müller, CEO paysafecard

Maintaining a personal relationship with its employees, business partners and customers is a central element of myclimate climate protection projects; all of the business flights that paysafecard’s employees make are climate-neutral.

Managing Director Udo Müller, MBA introduces the company and explains the importance of sustainability in the company’s everyday life.

Give us a brief introduction to how “paysafecard” works. What can it be used for, and what advantages does it offer?

The prepaid solution works like a prepaid card for a mobile telephone. The customer buys a paysafecard at a point of sale (tobacconists, petrol stations, supermarkets or vending machines for prepaid cards). He or she receives a print-out with a 16-digit PIN with the equivalent value of the paid amount. In an online shop, the customer then clicks on the payment option “paysafecard” and enters the 16-digit PIN that is on the print-out. This completes the payment.

The advantages are clear:
The company paysafecard was founded with the goal of providing customers with more payment security and cost control. paysafecard is the prepaid online payment method of choice for secure purchasing on the Internet, allowing customers to make online payments that are as safe, easy and quick as cash. Financial privacy remains fully guaranteed!

Today, there are many players in the digital payment sector, such as Paypal. There are also new mobile providers such as paymit and Apple Pay. How do you see your company’s position in this context?

In contrast to all other options, paysafecard is clearly positioned as a prepaid payment method. Due to the fact that one can only use prepaid to spend what one has already earned, payment with paysafecard PINs is a viable alternative, particularly for young people without their own account or credit card. For anyone who knows and values the advantages of prepaid, it’s practically impossible to pass up paysafecard for online transactions. We are the global leader in digital prepaid payments and we are continuing to develop our vision.

What role does sustainability play in this context? Why is your company’s commitment in this area important?

paysafecard is very serious about its responsibility to maintaining a sustainability strategy. This strategy includes both social and ecological goals. With our payment solutions, we address a global community that includes many millions of people. For this reason, we see it as our responsibility to use our standing in this community for important issues. Protection of resources, the environment and the climate are central to this effort.

Last question: In your view, what will payment transactions look like in 20 years? Cashless and contactless payment via mobile?

The future will be exciting – we believe in diversity. Twenty years from now, there will still be people who will want to use bills and coins. On the other hand, there will also be users who want to pay as conveniently and safely as they can with the standards in place at the time. The reality will move between these two poles, and we will see many new opportunities and new trends. The important thing is to stay flexible and to offer an inspiring presentation of the solutions that inspire us.

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