Grants for pellet heating systems - Apply now!

This new myclimate subsidy programme supports the replacement of old oil or natural gas heating with fully automated pellet heating. Property owners can receive funding for building heating from the programme at locations in Switzerland where there is currently no financial support from the federal, cantonal or local government.

Wood pellets: Sawdust pressed into small energy bundles that burns longer and more evenly. Photo:

The conversion from fossil-​fuel driven to renewable heat production using wood reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by heating. This subsidy programme aims to reduce the high investment costs needed for pellet heating. The amount of the subsidy is calculated on the basis of the previous fossil fuel consumption and corresponds to approximately CHF 360 per kWth (nominal heat output).

The funding programme is currently being examined by the FOEN/SFOE to determine its suitability as an offsetting programme under the CO2 Act. Provisional registration is already possible however. Further information on the funding programme and the registration form can be found on the myclimate project website.

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