«Pioneer(s) for a Sustainable Society» in Liechtenstein

On 23 October 2019 , a nationwide educational project for the Principality of Liechtenstein was officially presented in Vaduz called «Pioneer(s) for a Sustainable Society». The project is intended to run for a period of five years and has been made possible by the Government of Liechtenstein, the Education Authority, the Office for Vocational Education and Training, the local business community and the Liechtenstein foundation system.

From Left to right: Nicole Marthy, Arnold Kind, Lara Kubli, Werner Kranz, Johann Wucherer, Helmuth Büchel, Florian Strasser, Regierungsrätin Dominique Hasler, Silja Giovanoli, Stephen Neff, Kai Landwehr, Maxi Grebe

Over the next five years, it is planned to roll out both myclimate education projects, «Energy and Climate Pioneers» and «Energy and Climate Laboratory», throughout the Principality under the umbrella of «Pioneer(s) for a Sustainable Society», and to reach as many pupils and vocational learners as possible. Government Councillor Dominique Hasler, Minister for the Interior, the Environment and Education, pointed out the benefits of the two projects in her welcoming address: «Both projects aim to enable children and young people to actively participate in the analysis and evaluation of development processes with ecological, economic and socio-cultural significance, to align their own lives with the criteria of sustainability, and to set sustainable development processes in motion together with others.» Currently, the project is starting with five companies and their apprentices as well as two participating schools. On an annual «Pioneers’ Day», the projects will be presented and the best ideas from the «Energy and Climate Laboratory» will be awarded prizes.


The official presentation

Project manager Lara Kubli provided information about the project «Energy and Climate Pioneers» and project manager Silja Giovanoli talked about the project «Energy and Climate Laboratory». Finally, Florian Strasser (myclimate Project Manager International Programmes) presented a concept to visualise the two projects.

The event was rounded off by a panel discussion with Nicole Marthy, responsible for young talent at LGT, Helmuth Büchel from the Natum Foundation, Werner Kranz, Head of the Office for Vocational Education and Training, and Arnold Kind, Head of the School Board. Stephen Neff, CEO of myclimate, focused on the future during his speech: «We are convinced that this partnership between the private and public sectors can help to lead the Principality of Liechtenstein into a carbon-neutral future.» He continued by stressing the special importance of educational projects for the myclimate Foundation: «Educational activities are an irreplaceable part of the myclimate DNA.»


The Energy and Climate Laboratory

The goal of the Energy and Climate Laboratory is to accumulate knowledge on the environment and the efficient use of energy and to combine commitment with technological skill, innovative spirit and design expertise. The workshop participants’ task is to develop products and projects that reduce CO₂, promote energy efficiency or raise awareness among the general public about everyday actions to stop climate change. The myclimate Energy and Climate Laboratory is a national project competition for all those in education or training. Thus far, 1,157 projects have been submitted by more than 9,000 trainees.


Energy and Climate Pioneers

The Energy and Climate Pioneers initiative offers school classes from kindergarten to senior level the opportunity to realise their own carbon offset projects. Since its launch, the number of Swiss schoolchildren who have become climate pioneers has grown to more than 25,000. Following the two-hour, age-appropriate motivational talk, which was free of charge for the schools, the schoolchildren implemented a wide range of projects including a bike shopping service, experiments with renewable energies and cooking, and serving and offering climate-friendly lunch menus.

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