Pioneers wanted!

6800 pupils - that's a great number, but nowhere near enough. Together with our partners Swisscom and Solar Impulse, we are looking for still more teachers and school classes to become actively enthusiastic as pioneers for climate protection.

Climate-friendly homemade lunches, bicycle shopping services, joint actions on car kilometres, and speeches in front of town council leaders on the subject of energy are just a few of the projects that have been implemented by schoolchildren in the last few months as part of the “Climate Pioneers” initiative.

<link - external-link-new-window>Climate pioneers</link> is a successful school project by <link - external-link-new-window>Swisscom</link>, together with partners myclimate und Solar Impulse, which is already actively inspiring more than 6,800 Swiss pupils to contribute towards protection of the climate. However, this is still not enough. To preferably implement more great projects and inspire children to get involved in climate protection, we are still looking for classes, from kindergarten to secondary school, to participate in this successful initiative – it is always possible to do better.

To become a climate pioneer, there are just three simple steps. Schools invite myclimate into a class. We offer an age-appropriate, exciting, free-of-charge introduction to the topic of “climate and energy”. With no limitations on the ideas, the class then comes up with a project that will cut down on carbon in practice. From the planning to the implementation, myclimate is on hand to provide advice. Then, the big climate party takes place in autumn, at which all of the classes who have implemented projects are recognised by Bertrand Piccard and/or André Borschberg (solar-powered aeroplane pilots – <link - external-link-new-window>see</link>).


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