Pupils deliver speech on climate protection

The big Climate Festival, organised by Climate Alliance, an affiliation of Swiss organisations involved in carbon compensation and of which myclimate is also a member, took place in Berne on October 17. Two school pupils gave a speech as part of this event which was visited by about 1,500 people. They were motivated by their participation in the myclimate project Hot Stuff - Chill Out. Even though Alice Galizia and Adrian Pasquinelli from the Gymnasium Bern Neufeld are only 16 years old, they demonstrated with much enthusiasm that we should all support carbon compensation today without any “ifs or buts”. As far as the big UN climate conference in Copenhagen in December is concerned, they have clear ideas: "Our hope now is that the politicians of the Climate Conference will produce good results, and that they won't merely talk about it, but that they will also let actions speak."


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