Reality check: a new project film from Uganda

Moving images say more than a thousand words. Enjoy impressions from the fascinating East African country of Uganda and learn more about our safe water project there!

Mastula Mujanzi, restaurant owner, using Solvatten water purification unit

The carbon offset programme of activities «Access to safe water in Uganda and globally» involves the distribution of various systems for drinking water preparation. This avoids the need to use firewood for boiling water in both private households and larger institutions.

The programme is now being rolled out in Uganda and should serve as a blueprint for other countries worldwide. myclimate employees recently paid a visit to the programme together with media representatives. Their experiences and impressions were captured by Hamburg-based filmmaker Heike Janssen.

Her film tells the story of drinking water provision in the Ugandan capital of Kampala, highlighting social problems but also emphasising the opportunities that the project offers. See for yourself.

Stay informed!