– Reducing Costs with Resource Efficiency

Since 1 July, has been providing a network that helps businesses in implementing resource-efficient solutions. The network includes myclimate and act – Switzerland’s cleantech agency.

Graphic on the lifecycle of ressources (source SFOE)

Efficient usage of resources doesn’t need any big explanations. Unnecessary resource usage causes trouble; it costs the business money and hurts the environment. Thanks to financial support in the context of a performance mandate from the <link - external-link>Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (SFOE)</link>, <link - external-link>’s</link> offering is also very attractive in terms of cost.’s experts provide additional entrepreneurial opportunities for planned projects and ventures. Based on long-standing experience, it’s possible to achieve a lot with a manageable scope of work. If effective improvement measures are recognised and the right steps taken at the right time during the product development, processing, procurement or disposal of raw materials or in the optimisation of production and processes, significant environmental resources and budgets can be conserved. The consultancy services of’s experts are financially supported by the SFOE with up to 50% of costs for a project with 5-10 man-days. On the one hand, this offering has a direct benefit for the businesses involved. On the other hand, it also follows the SFOE's proposal to strengthen resource-efficient measures in the Swiss economy.

The organisation offers tailored consultancy. As a network, contributes to the federal programme in the area of energy and CO₂ reduction (e.g. <link - external-link>ACT</link>) and is therefore co-financed and supported by the SFOE. As a climate protection agency, myclimate is also involved in this area, because conservation in the supply chain automatically leads to reduced CO₂ emissions.

myclimate’s accredited experts are specialists in the areas of CO₂ & resource management, and they've proved their competence through years of work with myclimate projects. Businesses with current projects in which resource efficiency plays an important role can talk to <link - mail>Bettina Kahlert</link>, the representative for, to quickly and easily analyse their potential.

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