Reforestation the right way in Nicaragua

Few methods are designed to be as long-term as reforestation and forest protection projects, because the climate protection effect only sets in after some time. Learn more about the advantages from a sample project in Nicaragua, and find out about the pitfalls that must be considered.


myclimate has projects in its climate protection portfolio that use all of ten different technologies. Among them are forest projects that achieve CO₂ reductions through effective reforestation designed deliberately for the long term. There are pitfalls to reforestation that may only emerge on a second look, and that is why myclimate applies its own strict criteria when selecting projects for its support – as with the "Reforestation in San Juan de Limay, Nicaragua" project.

Reforestation projects are very often associated with climate protection projects, but are not without their problems. The methodology for calculating CO₂ sequestration is complicated. Such projects also do not show their effects for a long time because the trees are naturally slow-growing. By then, it may happen that the deliberately planted trees become the victims of clearing, illegal timber-cutting or fires. myclimate is aware of these risks, and works closely in the region with various standards such as Plan Vivo, which preventively incorporate these risks into the project design. All projects are monitored and validated according to the strictest, most comprehensive standards in order to guarantee that the promised CO₂ reductions ultimately really occur.

Small farming families in the community of San Juan de Limay collaborate on this project to reforest unused or degraded portions of their land. Thanks to better space allocation and sustainable land use, the forestland in the vicinity of the watershed will grow and improve the inhabitants' quality of life. The project comprises rural communities that, without the additional climate protection funds, would not have sufficient resources and technical know-how of their own to conduct their own reforestation.

The project area lies on an important watershed that is subject to seasonal drought and flooding. The enlarged forest area will store water through the dry seasons and minimise flooding in the rainy period. The project deals with the causes of deforestation, ensures direct and ongoing involvement by the village and technical training, and offers financial benefits for participants over the entire term of the project.

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