Regional, seasonal, vegetarian: climate-friendly lunch at Swisscom

As part of the "Climate Pioneers" initiative, Swisscom organised a climate-friendly lunch in its canteens using regional and seasonal produce.

Swisscom offered a vegetarian, climate-friendly lunch using only regional and seasonal produce in a total of 18 in-house canteens on 18th September. Switzerland’s largest telecommunications firm used the lunch as part of its efforts to spread awareness of "Climate Pioneers" within the company. "Climate Pioneers" is a Swisscom initiative run in partnership with myclimate and Solar Impulse. It gives school classes the opportunity to realise their own climate protection projects. Class 6a from Bern-Bethlehem presented just such a project at this climate lunch in the Köniz Business Park. The children set up a booth to explain their bicycle recycling service to Swisscom staff. They also offered the staff a chance to recharge their mobile phones using a bicycle-powered generator. As a reward, the entire class enjoyed a climate-friendly lunch of orecchiette with diced pumpkin in a walnut sauce. Bon appétit!

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