Secure attractive subsidies for heat pumps in apartment buildings!

The new myclimate support programme offers property owners attractive funding for the replacement of old oil and natural gas heating in rented residential properties. The nationwide subsidy programme applies to ground-source, water-source and air-source heat pumps. Take advantage now!

Heat pump systems are now available that can even cover the heating demands for large properties reliably, and they can do this in an environmentally friendly manner. Copyright: Stiebel Eltron, photo: Eliane Dürst

Apartment buildings are some of the biggest climate polluters in Switzerland, as they are generally heated with fossil fuels. Even today, fossil fuel heating systems are still being replaced by similar systems in around 70 percent of properties. However, technology is now available to ensure that heating pump systems can also reliably supply heating to large properties in an environmentally friendly manner. The myclimate support programme reduces the hurdle of high investment costs thanks to financial support.

The subsidies from this programme are sometimes higher than those from the cantonal support programmes; a comparison is therefore worthwhile with the myclimate contribution calculator. Information on support application process and all other details can be found on the programme page "Support Programme for Heat Pumps in Apartment Buildings".

Stay informed!