Shape Your Trip - Conscious Travel

Today's travel habits have a large and constantly increasing impact on our climate. Around 18% of the annual carbon footprint of Swiss nationals is attributed to flying. But at the same time, today's virtually unrestricted mobility and the diverse travel options are important commodities. myclimate has developed a new educational programme to promote more responsible and sustainable travel without missing out on the travel experience.

Conscious travel can be a lot of fun!

"Experiencing new things" and building up relationships with people around the world has never been so easy and – perhaps – never as important. Weighing up climate-conscious behaviour against the need to discover the world is not easy. This new myclimate education project «Shape Your Trip» aims to open up targeted discourse on precisely this topic. «Shape Your Trip» aims to promote reflection and awareness of travel. The project focuses on a big competition to encourage participants between the ages of 14 and 25 to plan their travel with greater consideration and thus contribute to climate protection.

The lowest possible carbon footprint is not necessarily crucial, but that the trips and their impact are well thought out and responsibly planned. The winners will receive a contribution towards their holiday fund sponsored by SBB as well as other prizes from project partners such as the Swiss Youth Hostels. The best trips will be published in an idea pool and thus aim to give young and old inspiration for their own sustainable trips.


Changing travel behaviour

Claudia Heer, programme manager of the coordination body for sustainable mobility KOMO at the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE makes her assessment: "Between 2005 and 2015, the annual leisure mobility of Swiss nationals rose from less than 12,000 km to almost 15,300 km per year. The annual distance travelled by air for leisure purposes has more than doubled in the same period. The increase among young people in the 19 to 24 years age group was particularly pronounced. ‹Shape Your Trip› by myclimate starts right here. The project shows young people how they can make their travel more sustainable – without needing to do without important and valuable experiences that can be gathered during travel. KOMO is convinced by this approach and therefore supports the project in the context of its focus on 'Sustainable leisure mobility'."


Extra offer for schools

Vocational and grammar schools can book a free double lesson in which pupils will discover more on the subject from the myclimate expert team and will have the opportunity to prepare their travel plans for the competition. myclimate will also provide free learning material to teachers. Registering for inspirational lessons and the teaching material for teachers is available now at


«Shape Your Trip» was developed with SBB. In addition to the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the project is supported by the Swiss Youth Hostels and other sustainable tourism partners.





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