Shaping the Future Together: Young People and Politicians Partner up to make Plans for Zurich

Last month, local councillors met with 30 pupils from secondary schools in Zurich to discuss how young people and politicians can work together for the future of Zurich as part of the city’s “Für Züri” citizen participation programme. The meeting opened up an honest and positive conversation addressing the concerns young people have about the climate friendly future of the city.

Participants discussed their visions and ideas for a more climate-friendly and liveable city. Photo: myclimate

The attendees discussed their visions and ideas for making Zurich a more climate friendly city where people can live and thrive. They came up with suggestions and solutions for tackling the challenges associated with the climate crisis. This event served as further proof that young people are key to creating a sustainable future, confirming that their concerns and ideas must be taken seriously. The discussion led by Matthias Probst, President of the Municipal Council, was part of the “Klimafreundliches Zürich mitgestalten” (Making Zurich Climate Friendly) and “Klimapavillon Werdmühleplatz: Bibliothek für eine glückliche Zukunft” (Werdmühleplatz Climate Pavilion: Library for a Happy Future) projects. It was organised in collaboration with climate organisations Klimastadt Zürich and myclimate. All municipal and city councillors were invited, along with employees from the Department of Environment and Health Protection in the city of Zurich.


Achieving climate targets through open exchange

Sofia Karakostas from SP Zürich was extremely positive about the event: “It was fascinating to meet so many young people at this event who have a real interest in politics and want to engage with their local representatives.” She is keen to see young people getting more involved with politics going forward. “But politicians have to be willing to listen and enter into a conversation. That’s the only hope we have of achieving our net zero target here in Zurich,” says Sofia Karakostas.

Réne Estermann, Director of the Department of Environment and Health Protection in Zurich, reiterates how important democracy and involvement are for young people. And the speed at which politicians react is critical here, too: “This evening has given us further proof that young people are looking for more courage and determination surrounding political decisions.” He continues: “That’s the only way to move forwards with the latest innovations designed to make the city an attractive and climate friendly place to live.”


About the “Making Zurich Climate Friendly” project

myclimate has been able to bring its “Making Zurich Climate Friendly” project to life after it won in the Environment and Climate category of the “Für Züri” competition run by the city of Zurich. Aimed at apprentices and secondary school pupils, the project provides a platform for tangible project work and problem solving surrounding environmental sustainability.   The future workshop offers schools an approach based on taking action and finding solutions and provides a platform for celebrating the achievements of young people. The myclimate “Company Challenge” gives apprentices the opportunity to contribute to climate protection and get involved with specific projects at small and medium-sized businesses in the city of Zurich. The projects are judged by a panel and recognised at an award ceremony.

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