“Solar Butterfly” on Tour – a climate protection awareness project

myclimate is supporting the Swiss environmental activist Louis Palmer in his newest project “Solar Butterfly”. The goal of Solar Butterfly is to thrust carbon offset projects, renewable energy and clean technologies into the spotlight and promote them as relevant solutions to climate change in a variety of different locations across the globe.

Source: SolarButterfly

Louis Palmer is a well-known climate activist and between 2007 and 2008 he became the first person to drive around the world in a solely solar-powered car. On his journey he met important figures, including heads of state, and held over 140 events in 38 different countries to share his simple message: “The world is full of solutions to climate change.” Now he is behind the starting line once again with a new and innovative awareness project. 


The Butterfly Takes off 


The butterfly-like solar vehicle might not be airworthy, but it does have space for four crew members. In addition, the vehicle is solar-powered and energy self-sufficient. The long trip around the globe in this futuristic transport is set to kick off on 23 May 2022. Palmer plans to host daily interviews with climate pioneers in an integrated video studio, and these interviews will then be published across various social media channels. In addition, regular talks and events are scheduled across a variety of locations. With the help of diverse presentations and an educational quiz and obstacle course for school children, both young and old can learn more about topics relevant to climate protection.  


myclimate is compiling all carbon footprint and offsetting calculations connected to the project. In total, three product carbon footprints will be created: one each for the Solar Butterfly, tiny house and video equipment setup. CO2 emissions for the entire event and tour will also be calculated. The unavoidable emissions generated by the project will be offset through myclimate carbon offset projects. 


Stephen Neff, CEO of myclimate, sees great potential for raising public awareness about protecting the environment and climate: “It is high time to show the world that there are solutions to climate change. We are supporting the Solar Butterfly project with our know-how and marketing expertise in order to demonstrate innovative ideas for curbing global warming.” 

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