SolarButterfly Quiz Challenge for Better Climate Knowledge

myclimate is supporting the Swiss environment activist Louis Palmer with his latest project “SolarButterfly”, a solar-powered tiny-house trailer with an extraordinary design. To mark the project, myclimate has put together a quiz challenge to raise awareness about climate issues among people of all ages.

Image source: SolarButterfly

Louis Palmer and his team have now been on the road with the SolarButterfly for around eight weeks. On its journey so far, the SolarButterfly has also notched up its first myclimate stop at the site in Reutlingen – because we, like Louis Palmer, believe that “the world is full of solutions to climate change”. myclimate Germany was on site with its own information stand, where visitors could find out about various topics relating to climate protection. Thomas Lanners, Project Manager for Education at myclimate Germany, believes: “There are already plenty of solutions at hand, we just have to use them.”  


SolarButterfly quiz challenge  


myclimate has put together a journey of discovery for the SolarButterfly project. Not only does it provide introductory knowledge about climate change, but it also addresses the topics of consistency, efficiency, sufficiency and technology. The aim of the off- and online quiz is to highlight possible solutions to climate change. The offline version in the form of standing quiz panels (see photo) is travelling with the SolarButterfly and is set up at each destination. The entire quiz can also be tackled online via QR code.  


Now we want to know: How good is your climate knowledge? Did you know, for example, how many hours a day a car in Germany stands idle on average? Or how much soya goes to feed animals worldwide? Put your climate knowledge to the test: click here to go to the online quiz.  


Project update 


The SolarButterfly is on tour in Europe until the end of the year, before beginning a world tour next year. As the next step, myclimate will prepare all the CO2 accounting and offsetting calculations arising from the project. In total, three product carbon footprints will be created: one each for the Solar Butterfly, tiny house and video equipment setup. CO2 emissions for the entire event and tour will also be calculated. The unavoidable emissions generated by the project will be offset through myclimate carbon offset projects. 

Stay informed!