Successful Pilot Study for water purification in Uganda

In Uganda, myclimate is currently coordinating a pilot study for the use of what is known as the Solvatten system (solar safe water system). Emission reductions are generated through the elimination of charcoal and wood for water purification. The results of the pilot study and experience with the technology feed directly into the development of the project.

The Solvatten technology consists of a specially equipped canister which uses heat, UV radiation and a filter to make safe drinking water. The Solvatten canisters are used to free water of bacteria, viruses and parasites. The canisters need only sunlight, thus dispensing with the need for any chemicals or other sources of energy.

In the pilot project that will run until July 2012, 90 Solvatten canisters were distributed throughout the Masindi and Kawempe regions of Uganda. The local NGO Ecotrust (The Environmental Conservation Trust of Uganda) is responsible for on-site implementation. myclimate is coordinating the overall project and will purchase the generated emission reduction certificates as soon as the project is converted into a Programme of Activity.

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