Sustainability in tourism – reason to travel or just a bonus?

The tourism industry is reinventing itself. The demand among tourists for ecologically sustainable tourism continues to rise; they want tourism that is both in harmony with nature and facilitates environmentally friendly experiences. Social and economic components of sustainability, such as the regional exchange of ideas and expertise, promotion of local culture and fair wages likewise represent important issues.

Several initiatives, such as the Innotour support programme run by the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the recently established SDG Dialogue initiative, #SwissTourism4SDGs are addressing these growing needs. The former promotes innovation, while the latter facilitates the exchange of ideas and expertise. myclimate is also involved with these programmes.


Launch Event #SwissTourism4SDGs Photo: #SwissTourism4SDGs

Backed by SECO, the Swiss SDG Tourism Dialogue, #SwissTourism4SDGs is an initiative with a broad support base, which focuses on more firmly embedding Agenda 2030 and its 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the tourism industry. The dialogue aims to strengthen Swiss tourism by improving networking within the sector, pursuing a more sustainable future for the industry over the long term and promoting the exchange of practical ideas and expertise.


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On 2 November, the first virtual dialogue “Boldly implementing sustainable developments in tourism” [Mit Mut eine nachhaltige Entwicklung im Tourismus gestalten] will take place with a variety of guests.

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The #SwissTourism4SDGs initiative comprises the myclimate foundation, the Swiss Tourism Association (SVT), the Swiss Travel Association (SRV), the Chur University of Applied Sciences, the Swiss Parks Network, the consultancy firm ecos and gutundgut gmbh.


Building knowledge together in the Swiss tourism sector
Active since 2012, SECO’s support programme Innotour supports innovation, closer cooperation and knowledge development in the tourism sector. To encourage the exchange of knowledge and ideas, a series of events called “Walk the talk” was created. The fifth instalment in Innotour’s “Walk the talk” series of events deals with the topic of “Ecological sustainability in tourism: – reason to travel or just a bonus?” [Ökologische Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus: Reisemotiv oder Nice-to-have?] myclimate’s «Cause We Care» programme (also supported by Innotour) has also been discussed and presented during the course events. You can find out more about the «Cause We Care» mechanism for the tourism industry and ecotourism as a whole in this informative video:

Video link and additional information about “Walk the Talk” events


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