Sustainable food at myclimate partner Allianz Cinema

"Sustainability in gastronomy doesn't just start with sophisticated waste management, it has to go much further," says Rico Fanchini, head of gastronomy at Allianz Cinema Zurich. The open-air cinema highlight has been a myclimate partner for several years. Sustainability is consistently lived there, as the climate-neutral execution of the event and the example of the catering concept show.


Rico Fanchini is a restaurateur and catering manager at Allianz Cinema Zurich.

For 30 years, Allianz Cinema has been attracting tens of thousands of film fans every summer to the open-air cinemas in scenic settings such as the Zürichhorn or Münsterplatz in Basel. "Sustainability was already close to our hearts before it became a mandatory requirement," says Daniel Frischknecht Knörr, organizer and COO Switzerland of Cinerent AG. A particular focus this year is on an even more sustainable catering offering. In addition to offsetting event emissions with myclimate, Allianz Cinema exclusively uses reusable glasses and dishes. For the organisers and Rico Fanchini, who is responsible for catering on site and owner of the "coming soon" on Langstrasse Zurich, sustainability in the catering offer goes much further.

In 2019, the Zurich gastronome will try to make its sustainability concept even more visible in the festival. The focus in the food segment this year will therefore be on Swissness and thus on local products. The range extends from "Fleischkäse" with "Härdöpfelsalat", "Hacktätschli" and "Hörnlisalat" to "Fischknusperli". The range is rounded off by a wide variety of barbecues, two different international curries and fine Levantine cuisine. Rico Fanchini says: "The challenge in terms of sustainability lies in the recipes for dishes and alternative foods from the region. We also make sure that we buy the products and drinks from local producers. For the first time we have created an additional offer in the hospitality area of the festival that is exclusively vegan and vegetarian. Here we want our guests to be inspired and consciously pass this on to their customers or partners".

Fanchini sees the use of returnable systems with glasses or cups as the simplest way of making catering more sustainable. Only recently, at "an event pushed towards sustainability", all dishes and drinks were served to him in disposable containers, which were also disposed of in the same waste. Fanchini also has sustainability aspects and the smallest possible CO₂ footprint in mind when planning its processes. Deliveries are staggered as far as possible and synergies are exploited. The vegetable supplier, for example, supplies the ice cream at the same time. As a result, journeys are reduced to a minimum.

You can find a longer interview with Rico Fanchini on the Allianz Cinema website.

Allianz Cinema will take place from 18 July - 18 August 2019 in Zurich and from 2 - 26 August 2019 in Basel. Advance booking starts on 28 June at 12.30 pm. The programme has been online since 26 June. Both events are climate-neutral with myclimate. Together with the organiser Cinerent, myclimate is giving away 2x2 tickets for the European Outdoor Film Tour 18/19, either in Basel or Zurich. Simply write a short email with the subject "Allianz Cinema myclimate Tickets" to us.


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