Takataka – A Project Turns Nairobi Clean and Green

Waste is one of the biggest problems plaguing Nairobi. Whether disposed of illegally or incinerated, it hurts the environment and the climate. The new myclimate project provides help with an impact and at the same time creates new jobs.

Takataka means "waste" in Kiswahili, and the ambitious goal of this climate protection project is to collect and recycle just that. For lack of affordable alternatives, most inhabitants of the Kenyan metropolis of Nairobi burn their trash or dispose of it illegally in the city. Even trash that has been collected often ends up at the Dandora landfill, Nairobi's largest trash heap. Over the past 35 years, it has reached a height of 20 metres. It stinks and has contaminated the groundwater.

Many adults and children suffer health problems such as infectious diseases and respiratory disorders as a consequence. The basic idea of the project is to collect the waste in poorer areas of the city and to recycle and compost 80 percent of it. This creates jobs, establishes a functional and affordable waste management system and prevents methane emissions. And incidentally, it also makes Nairobi cleaner and greener.

To market the 10-year jubilee of the foundation in 2012, myclimate supported the project, still in its pilot phase, with a five-digit sum.

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