The highlight of the climate workshop in Baden-2.0 Würrtemberg

For the second time the climate workshop 2.0 took place. This climate education project of the Environmental Protection Agency myclimate combines environmental knowledge and commitment to technology and design skills. Trainees and vocational students are encouraged to implement products and projects that reduce CO₂ and energy efficiency, promote or encourage the public to action on climate change in everyday life. On 09 July in the Literaturhaus Stuttgart the best projects were awarded by the Deputy Ministers of the Environment Ministry, Ministerial Helmfried Meinel. "The outstanding commitment of young people deserve great credit. In just a few months, the students work with innovative ideas for effective climate protection and energy efficiency have been developed. The projects strengthened in addition to their direct contribution to CO₂-saving awareness of the climate, "said Meinel. The training project was conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Baden-Württemberg.

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