The power of diversity – our LOMEs pay a visit to Zurich

Three new members of staff and one seasoned employee from Africa and South America paid us a visit. Our team in Zurich and the new colleagues had a great time getting to know each other. So we asked ourselves: why shouldn't our four new myclimatees introduce themselves to a larger audience?

from left: Job Obina, Biro M. Mugisha, Ujala Qadir, Paul Leon

LOME? We came up with this abbreviation for our international colleagues, our Local Myclimate Experts; a team of young, highly-motivated and talented people, who work for myclimate in their home countries. Four of them, all new to myclimate, recently visited Zurich for training and to soak up the myclimate spirit, so we seized this opportunity to bring them together for a nice group photo and asked them to tell us about themselves:

"Before moving to Kenya, I lived in my home country Pakistan and in the United States, so I consider myself a global citizen and someone who is inspired by and has a passion for learning from various cultures. myclimate provides an exciting opportunity to contribute to global innovations aimed at improving the quality of life in less developed countries while simultaneously actively reducing climate change." - <link - mail>Ujala Qadir</link>, myclimate LOME, East Africa.

"I work as a lawyer focussing on environmental law in /Uganda. My motivation is to leave behind a clean and safe world including an intact environment for the coming generations. Development must always take future generations into account, focussing not only on mankind, but also on biodiversity." <link - mail>Mugisha Moses</link>, myclimate climate education LOME, Kampala, Uganda.

"I have been intensively involved in the subject of sustainable development since as I was a trainee. I therefore still do volunteer work with small, regional NGOs. For me, working with myclimate gives me the opportunity help develop projects aimed at promoting sustainable development and that also help reduce green-house-gas emissions that could take us one step closer to becoming a low-carbon society."<link - mail> Paul Leon</link>, myclimate Climate Protection Projects.

"Having growing up in a family of tea farmers, I am personally affected by the effects of climate change. Due to my work for the Tembea Center for Youth and Education I know myclimate well and I am glad that myclimate gives me the opportunity to use my ecological, climate as well as my local knowledge for the benefit of my community. As a huge football fan, I hope my favourite team, Arsenal, will finally have a great season again." <link - mail>Job Orina</link>, myclimate LOME, Kenya.

If you want to get in touch and network with our LOMEs, please do not hesitate to send them an email. Simply click on the corresponding link.

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