UBS donation campaign for myclimate moor projects

The UBS Philanthropy Foundation is running a fundraising campaign, calling on its customers to donate to myclimate’s Moor programme.

The UBS Philanthropy Foundation is committed to reducing or offsetting CO2 emissions worldwide. UBS is targeting its current campaign towards myclimate’s moor projects. The UBS Philanthropy Foundation guarantees that 100 per cent of donations will flow into the project and that UBS will cover all the administration costs.

Ecosystem restoration for Swiss moorland

Moors are important CO2 stores and biodiversity hotspots. They soak up vast amounts of water, which provides valuable protection against flooding. So, it is alarming that two thirds of the more than 500 Swiss moors are now too dry to perform their many environmental functions. Through its upland moor renaturalisation programme, myclimate is supporting the cost-intensive ecosystem restoration of these moors, which will lead to a considerable reduction in CO2 as well preserving these unique natural landscapes.


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