Voluntary Carbon Offsetting with myclimate is in Line with Current Trends

Almost 70,000 tonnes of CO2 were offset using the free myclimate web calculators in 2021. In an environment that remains uncertain partly due to the pandemic, many people and companies have nevertheless taken responsibility for their own CO2 emissions.

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Stephen Neff, myclimate CEO, commented on the 2021 web calculator results: “The enormous demand for climate protection that we are seeing on the part of companies is also evident among private customers.”


Voluntary Carbon Offsetting in Figures

In the past year, the myclimate web calculators raised total revenue of 1.98 million euros. This equates to an increase on the previous year of six per cent and is the second best result in the 20-year history of myclimate. It was in 2018 that the web calculators raised more than one million euros in revenue for the first time. Overall, customers have offset more than 68,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions across all myclimate web calculators. With turnover of around 1.74 million euros, the myclimate platform co2.myclimate.org was the strongest channel by some distance in 2021, with the remaining volume generated through third-party API integrations.

As in 2020, the highest turnover and offsetting was generated by the contribution calculator, which is used by private individuals and organisations to offset without the need for a specific calculation in advance, for example for flights. In 2021, 29,000 tonnes of CO2 worth 800,000 euros were offset here (an increase of 25 per cent on the previous year), which equates to 40 per cent of the total revenue from the web calculators. The flight calculator, which until 2019 always represented over half of the offsetting turnover, was the second strongest channel, contributing 425,000 euros to the result and therefore 21 per cent of the total, a decrease of 16 per cent compared to the previous year. After a very strong first quarter of 2020, offsetting here suffered a lasting slump as a result of Covid. “The fact that turnover from the previous main channel, the flight calculator, has stagnated is down to business and private travel being limited and altered by the pandemic. This is a positive development for the climate,” says Stephen Neff.

The third most popular calculator was the myclimate car calculator, contributing 12 per cent of the overall turnover, while the strongest percentage growth was seen on the company calculator, with an increase of 80 per cent. Small companies in particular are taking the opportunity to calculate and offset their emissions using this calculator. Donations and offsetting came from 56 different countries in 2021, although the overwhelming majority came from Switzerland.

The full financial results, including company offsetting and the turnover from consultancy services and education projects, will be published by myclimate in the annual report after the annual financial statement and audit in spring 2022. As with all previous annual reports, this report will be available to all those interested on the myclimate website:

myclimate Annual Reports Website

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