Volvo Automobile Schweiz new myclimate partner

As the first Swiss automobile importer, Volvo Automobile Schweiz started a partnership with the myclimate climate protection organisation. From June 2007, Volvo drivers have the option to offset the annual CO₂ emissions of their cars.

From June of this year, Volvo drivers have the option to actively stand up for environmental protection. In collaboration with the Swiss climate protection organisation myclimate, Volvo Automobile Schweiz developed their own "annual CO₂ vignette". Vignettes are available for three different consumption categories. For the consumption of 4-6 litres per 100 km it costs CHF 300.-, for 7-9 litres CHF 400.- and for 10-14 litres CHF 600.-. The vignette revenue is equally divided between climate protection projects in India and in Switzerland. The Volvo/myclimate vignette is valid for one calendar year. It can be redeemed annually and be attached to the inside of the windshield.

Volvo Automobile Schweiz is becoming climate-neutral

Volvo Automobile Schweiz AG is also committed to the protection of the climate. With the help of myclimate, Volvo Automobile Schweiz calculates the annual CO₂ emissions of its business and offsets them with the purchase of certificates in order to support two climate protection projects in India and Switzerland. In the Indian state of Bihar, a project is supported which produces clean electricity from biomass. Approximately 100 villages receive electricity from small 100 kW biomass gasification power plants instead of from the previous diesel generators. Per 100 kW power plant, CO₂ emissions amounting to 12,000 tonnes can be saved in 10 years. In Switzerland, the revenue is to flow into a "second-generation" bio ethanol project. Second-generation bioethanol is won from forest and agricultural waste and as a carbon-neutral fuel offers a new way into a future with sustainable mobility.

Active commitment for environmental protection

"As a Swiss importer, we want to actively co-operate in the effort to reduce CO₂ emissions", says Peter Rask, general director of Volvo Automobile Schweiz. "In addition to the offer of Volvo FlexiFuel models, the new CO₂ vignettes, as well as the commitment to become climate neutral as an importer, are important pillars of our commitment for the environment". Already since the beginning of this year, Volvo Automobile Schweiz has been offering bioethanol E85-suitable FlexiFuel models with up to 80% less emissions of fossil CO₂ than conventional gasoline motors.

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