Workshops for Companies – Efficient Climate Protection Starts with Employees

What is the relationship between your own company and global warming? How does active climate protection provide economic benefits? What can each individual employee contribute? The myclimate team offers company workshops for managers and employees. These workshops do not simply impart knowledge about climate protection, they also show tangible courses of action for corporate and private life.

The myclimate Workshop Programme is tailored to the day-to-day work of the company. During the workshop, your employees will learn in an active and game based way about the connections between their own work and energy consumption, resource usage and protection of the climate and the environment. The focus of the programme is on finding and recognising room for action. Tangible energy and resource saving solutions and measures are developed for the company, thus making the company environmentally friendly from the inside.

What happens in a workshop?

The content, form and objectives of the workshop are tailored to the needs of the company. The employee workshops on identifying methods are usually designed to last three hours and can be easily integrated into the company’s workflow. A typical workshop consists of four modules:

  • in an interactive introduction, the participants and the workshop leaders get to know each other. Processes are presented and the goals are defined.
  • This is followed by a knowledge section that creates a basis for the participants on the topics of energy, climate and sustainability. Again, emphasis is placed on interaction. For instance, the group will use a layout kit to calculate energy consumption during a typical working day.
  • Equipped with this knowledge, the working environment is brought into the picture. The employees analyse, as if in a scavenger hunt, where there are energy gluttons and climate killers, and where resources are used in exemplary and less resource efficient ways.
  • At the end, the results are be evaluated and on this basis, the measures to be taken to save energy in the next year are decided. The goal is set as a pledge.

Workshops at BDO and Lungenliga Thurgau

In 2017, myclimate conducted workshops with a wide variety of partners. At the large Zurich based consulting firm <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">BDO</link>, there was a management level workshop on the company’s sustainability strategy. The format is to be rolled out to the other BDO locations and employees in Switzerland in 2018 and is an integral part of the BDO sustainability strategy.

For myclimate experts Silvana Comino and Birthe Hillert organised a summer workshop in Weinfelden. Around 25 people with different areas of responsibility in healthcare and non-profit participated in the workshop. As a result of the workshop, the Lungenliga has appointed an energy officer. This person will now place an energy tip in every newsletter. Compost has also been introduced and lamps have been replaced in the offices.

“The workshop with myclimate was very informative and goal-oriented. In a short time, our team settled on a number of worthwhile activities that can be implemented with little effort and can be supported by all employees. Which is a lot of fun!” summarises Hugo Bossi, managing director of Lungenliga Thurgau.

On the Trail of the Energy Hogs: Tracking, Saving, Winning.

In cooperation with myclimate, Raiffeisen Switzerland offers its SME members a climate workshop for the whole team as an experience gift. The specially designed Energy Hunt workshop can be booked via a simple contact form on the Raiffeisen website.

“Raiffeisen hopes to win over employees at SMEs with the Energy Hunt workshop, motivating them to save energy and resources during the working day. This is because the climate, the companies and future generations will profit from this”, says Mario Dietsche, Head of Member Marketing at Raiffeisen Switzerland.

Permanent Memory – Energy Saving tips in a Practical Fan Format

myclimate offers companies and organisations a simple everyday implementation aid in the form of a handy fan with climate protection tips and energy saving hints for employees and workshop participants. These can be ordered in a minimum order quantity for 3.50 CHF per person. On request, the compartments can be equipped with the company’s logo for a small surcharge.

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