Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES) x myclimate: Future Company Founders Think like Entrepreneurs – Including in Terms of Sustainability and Climate Consciousness

The partnership between YES and myclimate to promote sustainable business management among school pupils was significantly expanded for the 2023/2024 school year – with successful results. As part of the YES Company Programme, pupils set up and run a mini-company. This gives them the opportunity to experience what it means to be an entrepreneur over the course of a school year, including from a climate protection perspective.

Co-founders of the mini-company beesoft, winner of this year's national final of the Company Programme, selling their environmentally friendly lip balms made from beeswax. Photo: Jessica Christ

The private sector will be crucial in the transition to net-zero emissions, with future company founders playing a key role. The YES Company Programme gives pupils between the ages of 16 and 20 the chance to discover what needs to be done to facilitate the economic transformation towards greater sustainability and to make an active contribution with their own business ideas. The pupils learn the skills needed to holistically integrate climate protection and sustainability into their business models and communicate about them in a transparent way. 

The partnership between YES and myclimate offers advantages for various interest groups. Schools benefit from an engaging educational programme that takes climate concerns into account, while YES’s programme gains new content. At the same time, myclimate is able to reach a key target group and raise awareness about sustainability. Ultimately, the project promotes the idea of approaching climate protection as a business case and creates draws attention to sustainable entrepreneurship, which is essential for achieving our climate goals.  

The YES Company Programme is an educational programme for upper secondary schools, with around 45 to 50 schools and 1000 to 1200 pupils taking part each year. (myclimate’s integration of climate issues into the YES Company Programme is supported by UBS).

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