Dyson – energy efficient hand dryers

Cold air, paper or fabric towels? There are a few ways to dry your hands. But which way is best from a climate protection standpoint? Our team of experts has figured it out, and it confirms the product philosophy of Dyson Ltd.

Technology company Dyson has a variety of models of cold-air hand driers in its range, which offer different advantages. All current models were examined by myclimate experts as part of a climate footprint study. The conclusion of the study: cold air drying, as used by Dyson, is the most climate-friendly form of drying your hands.

The new Dyson Airblade 9kJ is the fastest and most energy-efficient hand dryer to date that comes equipped with a HEPA filter. At full power, it dries hands in just ten seconds with little noise. The integrated HEPA filter removes up to 99.95 percent of all particles, including bacteria and viruses.

The myclimate Balance Sheet shows that all models basically have the same key advantages. A cold stream of air flowing at 690 km/h dries hands within 10 to 14 seconds. When compared with hand drying using recycled paper, the climate impact of Dyson Airblade technology (use in Switzerland; calculated on the basis of two sheets of recycled paper per hand-drying) is up to five times lower. In comparison to fabric hand towels, Dyson Airblade technology wins out with an average reduction in the climate balance of 90 percent.

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