Energiapro - Natural gas emissions with climate protection contribution

Energiapro's main activities include the supply of natural gas and biogas, photovoltaic solutions and the provision of renewable energy certificates. The company is part of the Holdigaz Group, which consists of 17 companies, all operating in the energy sector. Energiapro calculates the total CO₂ emissions caused by the natural gas supplied to its customers and, to the same extent, finances climate protection measures in collaboration with the non-profit foundation myclimate. The amounts paid in this context are invested in various climate protection projects that have been classified as "innovative" by the foundation.

Energiapro, based in Vevey, supplies its customers with climate-friendly energy. The gas sold is made up of two parts: natural gas, for whose emissions myclimate carbon offset projects are financed accordingly, and renewable biogas. The partnership with myclimate has been in place since fall 2019. 

Energiapro supports the following projects:

These myclimate projects not only avoid CO₂ emissions, but also create better conditions for social and economic life in Madagascar, India and Kenya and support several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The climate protection project in India also involves biogas plants as a source of clean and sustainable energy for Indian households. It is thus closely related to Energiapro's activities. 

In addition to the production of biogas, the provision of renewable energy certificates and the carbon offset financing of external myclimate carbon offset projects in the amount of the accounted unavoidable emissions, the Holdigaz Group has long been a pioneer in various sustainable development efforts. Examples include the Group's investments in various mobility projects using natural gas and biogas, the production of wind energy in the Baltic Sea, the import of liquefied natural gas from renewable sources, and various studies and research into the production of renewable gas through the methanation of wood or and the storage of surplus wind and solar energy by converting it into synthetic methane or hydrogen. These measures and many others embody the philosophy of sustainable and ecological entrepreneurship advocated by the Holdigaz Group and its company Energiapro.

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